Top Facebook Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Facebook Marketing for small business

Facebook marketing is very simple and effective for any kind of business you do.

Size doesn’t determine which business can use Facebook marketing strategies.

Whether your business is big or small, new or old, local or international, it can perform as much as any other successful business on the digital network.

No doubt everybody wants to be on Facebook and experience a huge milestone in their ROI as the network promises. But the result can break your heart if you don’t know how to use Facebook marketing strategies for business.

facebook marketing strategies
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Man grabs his heart seeing something shocking computer

Facebook has really served a wide range of industries, not excluding fashion, health and wellness, education, communication, auto, sports, entertainment, politics, religion and a very large number of individuals all over the world.

Facebook marketing for small businesses
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2019 Statistical Report of How Industries Perform on Facebook

As of December 31, 2018, Facebook served 2.27 billion potential users where more than 1.5 billion users visited Facebook on a daily basis and you’re one.

Meanwhile, the beauty of being on Facebook has come to the level whereby you need to know how to leverage the social platform for marketing your business.

And that is what you will learn in this post.

Facebook marketing for small business is all about creating new and harnessing old relationships with your prospective customers. Since you can hardly have a customer who is not on Facebook nowadays, you have the tendency of grabbing more customers’ attention here.

What to Gain Using Facebook Marketing for Small Business

There are many good things you probably don’t know about Facebook marketing which can help.

This includes:

Facebook Marketing is Free to Use

If Facebook had a premium version, small businesses wouldn’t be able to compete.

Since the premium version would contain powerful features that no small business can beat with the free version, you and I would have been resisted from marketing our dream businesses on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Strategies
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Facebook is free for all

That means Facebook marketing isn’t for big businesses alone. It is for all and let’s say a big thank you to Facebook for being generous.

So, despite this advantage, it won’t be nice if you can’t use the platform to effectively market your business.

Sharing Information

What excuse do you have as an entrepreneur when you help others share vital information about their businesses and your own is crippling?

Facebook marketing begins by sharing relevant information about your prospects and how you can help.

Facebook marketing for small business
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Facebook Helps Businesses Connect with Customers

According to ShaneBarker, there are about 21 Facebook marketing tools you can lay your hands on to promote your business and get your audience engaged easily. This includes AdEspresso, Agorapulse, Buffer, Driftrock, ManyChat, Facebook Ad Manager, Fanpage Karma, Heyo, Hootsuit, Likealyzer, Meet Edgar and so on.

Just find what is suitable for your type of business, product or service and begin to show your audience how much you care.

You can take advantage of the social media tools to promote your brand image, or to even sell your products or services if you use the right one.

The scope is if users know nothing about you, gaining their attention would be difficult.

This doesn’t mean you should come to Facebook to start talking about you or flaunting your achievements. That is the mistake most beginners make that kills their businesses.

Your customers come first and you should let them know that. So, talking about you would only make them view your posts and pass by.

The best way to convert your audience is by sharing information about the benefits they can get from you. When you share information like this, your conversion rate (CR) will increase.

The bottom-line is Facebook marketing for small business is to share great stories.

Facebook Ad is Flexible to Use

Even when you feel like asking Facebook to help you to promote your business, you aren’t going to be compelled to pay a certain amount.

Facebook marketing strategies
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Typical Facebook Ads (Credit: Sourceline Media)

Facebook allows you to prepare a budget for your promotion. And you can spend as low as $1 to promote your business on a daily basis.

Your small business can use the same strategies that big businesses like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Oreo, Skittles, Red Bull, Disney, Converse, Pringles, ZARA, and iPod, use in promoting their businesses on Facebook.

According to JeffBullas, those are the world ten most popular companies that use Facebook marketing to reach their customers.

The only difference is that the big businesses can afford to spend more than you when it comes to budgeting.

But that doesn’t make Facebook paid ads impossible for you. In every match, there is always a difference between a new and old player.

How To Use Facebook Marketing Strategies

If you ever wonder how to get customers on Facebook and make them buy your products, consider the following Facebook marketing strategies:

  1. Set Your Business Goals
  2. Know Your Audience
  3. Create a Facebook Page
  4. Promote Your Page

Set Your Business Goals

The number one objective of doing a business is to help people get the correct answers to their problems.

Facebook Marketing Strategies
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Your business goals are therefore the directions, which your business follows to achieve its objectives.

So, when you set a business goal, it would be easy for you to aim at what you want to achieve.

The goals of a business that runs Facebook marketing are to gain brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

You, as an entrepreneur can take advantage of Facebook marketing to achieve your business goals.

Take your time to assess how your business is performing on Facebook to know if it meets with your expectations.

Sometimes ago, I created a Page, which I called The Heroes. The objective of that page was to inspire and motivate people.

And to achieve this goal, I share inspirational content on the page. If the audience should see something different, they won’t bother to return next time they notice I have a new post.

So, when you know your prospective audience and create content that meets their needs and interests, your goals are met.

Know Your Audience

Facebook marketing strategies
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Know Who is Your Audience (Credit Hancock Creative)

You can know your audience by using Facebook audience insights tool.

Read How To Find Customers on Facebook In Less Than A Minute to know how to use the tool to your best advantage.

Critically examine the result of your audience insights to know the categories of people that have interest in your products.

This is easy.

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Business
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Facebook Audience Insights to know Your Audience

The tool uses users’ certain demographic factors, engagement types, locations, and previous activities on Facebook to help you determine who are in dire need of your business.

If you sell wedding wears, it’s certain your audiences are singles, most especially people planning to get married.

Then, use the Facebook marketing tool to target singles.

If other factors like age, education, profession, or location matter to your potential customers, use them as well to make your products or services get to the relevant people.

It would be difficult to get customers if you want to sell your stuff and you’re targeting the wrong people.

Asking married people to buy a wedding wear will lead to no sales.

This is like playing an audio CD and you expect some visuals to display on your television screen.

Find out more about the need to know the nitty-gritty of your potential customers, or how to use Facebook Audience Insights Tool.

The tool will give you insights of people that find your business most useful. Then you can target more of them.

Create a Facebook Page for Marketing

Facebook marketing can take place on pages which you create on your profile.

Facebook marketing strategies for business
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A Typical Facebook Page for Real Estate Business (Credit: Agorapulse)

Which means the act of using your Facebook page to connect relevant people to your business is part of Facebook marketing strategies.

Because no two separate businesses can be the same, Facebook makes the use of a page flexible for different businesses to achieve their goals.

You have the options to create your page as a business, brand, community or people.

Under each page types, choose a page name, category, design, theme and settings that is most relevant to your business.

If you need to know how to create your Facebook Page, follow this step-by-step guide for efficient result.

You can test each option one by one and stick to the one that best presents your business on Facebook network.

Learn more on how to optimize your Facebook page to attract customers and compel them to buy your product.

Assuming you want to compel your audience to buy a product, you can easily achieve this, having optimized your page for greater leads and CR.

Promote Your Page

Facebook has different types of ads you can use to promote your business. Meanwhile, documentation on each ads is cumbersome.

Facebook marketing for small businesses
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Noah Kagan laments on how it is easy to mess things up here.

In What I Learned Spending $3 Million on Facebook Ads, he wrote:

“Often times, even “expert” advertisers mess up the simple fundamentals. Then, their mistakes drive up the cost they spend on ads, lower profitability, and cause headaches.”

There’re many things to do to make your ads improves your ROI. But God knows you don’t know where to start.

That makes it time consuming to study the Do’s and Don’t’s of Facebook ads.

On Facebook alone, lead ads has about forty documentations.

Who knows the numbers of tutorials I would read to learn Facebook Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)?

To me, this is too much for a beginner.

If to some people the documentation is not confusing, it is very certain they need a lot of study time.

Where do you have the time to read volumes except for a Cambridge business examination?

Against this challenge, I have a better idea, which is to look for a practical solution.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page

Sometimes ago, I created different Facebook pages and tested each to see what works best.

I found out that the two most popular ways to promote your pages is by sending invitation to friends or by using Facebook ads.

Use of Invitation

Facebook enables sending invitations to friends and family to make them visit your page and like it.

This approach is poor because 1/4 of your friends won’t honor your invitation if your page isn’t relevant to them.

During my research, I sent out invitations to some of my Facebook friends to visit a page. When they failed to like my page, I appealed to them but still didn’t honor my invitations.

When I pressed further, they were asking me if something was attached to it!

Since it was not by force to visit the page and like it, I stopped pestering them.

As I made no further efforts, the page didn’t grow more than 172 followers between 2016 and 2019 that it existed.

That shows the weakness in sending invitation to market your page and why I don’t recommend it.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can help you promote your page.

This powerful tool can help your business reach your target customers at all cost. It’s 100% profitable and faster than other aforementioned methods.

But the bad news is Facebook ads are not free.

But why?

Facebook believes you use money to get money.

If you have opened a business page, ideally you should spend money to promote the page to boost your ROI.

There’s no miracle around Facebook marketing.

To gain millions of Likes like Coca-Cola is possible. The fastest way to achieve that result is to opt for Facebook ads.

Don’t be discouraged to use this approach because it requires money, the result worth more than the cost.

When I created The Heroes and budgeted just $3 on promotion, I generated more than a hundred followers per day.

The Benefits of Using Facebook Ads for Marketing

Facebook ads can help you discover the people that have the potential to purchase your products and target them.

By so doing, you won’t be asking somebody that needs a cap to buy a shoe.

Other benefits include gaining more:

Likes: People who encounter your promotion when your ad is active are compelled to like your page.

Exposure: Your page gains exposure whether those who encounter your promotion like your page or not. That’s why the rate of exposure is usually times two of engagement.

Conversion: Your page has the potential to convert visitors to potential customers. Since your Facebook ads targets people who need your business, the success of your Facebook marketing is guaranteed.

So, if you create a business page and make no efforts to promote it, there won’t bee any good result. You would only find either one person or two visitors visiting your page per month.

And that’s ridiculously unproductive.

If you don’t make efforts by yourself to promote your page, your posts won’t leave anywhere beyond your page.


Facebook has all its users’ information and monitors their activities, engagement and lifestyle to ensure your promotion is successful.

Facebook is aware of what each user likes and don’t, visit and where they don’t…

It tracks all this information each time users log in and help them discover relevant information based on their activities.

Meanwhile, these Facebook marketing strategies for business is to take advantage of how Facebook tracks users’ information to promote your own business. In view of this, it determines which of the users would be more interested in your business.

And once your page is encountered by people who need it, they would be eager to visit it. And the more they engage themselves as your page intends, the better for your business.

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