How to Start A Blog And Make Money In Nigeria: 7 Easy Steps


Blogging is one of the most important digital marketing strategies to help you start and grow a business online.

How can you start a blog and make money?

In this guide, you will learn how to start a blog and make money in Nigeria.

You would also be provided with a step by step guide on how to create a blog from scratch using WordPress. And at the end of this post, you will be able to start your own blogging business right away.

As it was discussed in an earlier post titled how to make money blogging,

I said…

Having a blog would give you a ton of opportunities to succeed in your digital marketing career or efforts to promote your business and improve sales.Lawal Rahman A.

Since many small businesses are yet to adopt this strategy, only a few who do have an edge over the others.

And if you could master this guide, it’s most certain you will benefit a lot from the cutting-edge technology.

Having a business without an active website or blog in this era is like a body without a soul.

So, read the steps to move your business online.

So, what is a blog?

What is a blog?
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What is a blog Infographic (Credit: firstsiteguide)

A blog is a digital informational content created, shared and frequently updated on the internet with the use of a content management service (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal to answer a search query.

According to Wikipedia, 59% of existing websites are blogs and WordPress powered more than 28% of them, then followed by others.

Most of the questions people ask on Google, Bing, YouTube and so on are answered on different blogs.

If a blog is about health, it must promptly address common health issues. The one that reviews and recommends products for consumers can’t be talking about products that are no more in the market.

So, for a blog to be top-notch, it must not only follow what trends, but also review and update the earlier posts in order to remain relevant to the audience.

Meanwhile, a blog can serve as a resource centre for sharing information or learning new skills, tips, tricks, subjects or how-to’s.

Such content is written in diary-style text entries, which can be updated periodically – weekly, daily or hourly to remain fresh and evergreen.

Blog Post in a reverse Chronological Order
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Displaying Blog Post in a reverse Chronological Order

The entries can contain post title links, feature images, excerpts, related tags, author’s names and dates of publication.

When a visitor clicks on the title link or feature image, it leads to the main article or post page where he can read the full post in one piece.

How a blog works

Blogging as it was understood earlier was to have a space on the internet for creating and sharing content. With a little or no effort from bloggers, search engines would spread the content once it was published and indexed on the internet.

Before you can learn how to start a blog and make money in Nigeria, you first need to understand how a blog works.

In the recent time, a lot of things have changed in the community of bloggers.

Your blog content might not appear on Google or other search engines without some SEO efforts to optimize your content for both humans and search engines.

Meanwhile, the competition in blogging had increased.

And to lead, however, lies in the capacity of each blogger to make his content human and search engine friendly – unique, fresh, relevant, and authoritative.

Consequently, your blog will be a pervasive force to make you realize a milestone of business opportunity if you can follow the right steps.

Benefits of a blog

Here are the major benefits of having a blog in Nigeria. A good and well-functional blog can be used to facilitate the following business goals:

Effective Customer Service

Some of the major concerns of every business is to know how to engage customers by leading in attending to their pressing needs and to make sure products or services reach the customers without any difficulty.

If you a business blog, you will be able to solve all your major sales and marketing concerns. In fact, your blog will serve as a tool to effectively engage your prospective customers and skyrocket your sales in real time.

Efficient marketing

As digital technology promises, blogging has been a very good marketing and relationship tool for businesses to make their products and services reach their potential customers.

The fact is, when you have a blog, you are like a company that has a one-stop-shop at the core of the world trade centre. Your blog can give you an access to the global market. Even though, you run it from your room.


A blog can serve as an online storefront where you can showcase and promote your business – products or services online. The strategy can be used to attract customers and sell your products without the cost of running an inventory or a warehouse.

Gateway for media attention

Your blog can easily help you to attract media attention and open opportunities in the global settings. This can make different people and industries to discover your skill, talent or ideas and prompt them to hire or partner with you.

Convinient business

At any giving time, your blog gives you the chances to target different markets, locations and customers, depending on your choice or nature of business.

This is a blessing which your traditional brick-and-mortar store can’t realize in its entire life cycle.

So, let me teach you how to grab it.

How to start a blog and make money in Nigeria

These are the best steps you can follow to create a blog successfully.

Create a strategic business plan

How to Start A Blog And Make Money In Nigeria: 7 Easy Steps 1
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Six steps to create business blogging strategy (Credit: Jay Artale)

Just like every other business, you need a plan that will contain a blueprint which your blog can follow to effectively execute your business objectives online.

You can’t jump the foundation and have a structure…

You need to travel to the future of your blog based on your strength, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWORT) and put down a plan that can make you succeed in reality.

So, in addition to what is in the graphic, ensure your planning covers the following:

  1. First thing foremost is to know what kind of blog you need? There are different categories of blog, depending on your business niche. You need to decide on this before choosing a domain name and buying a theme design to ensure your domain name and theme go in line with your type of business.
  2. Know your competitors. This is not just knowing their names or brands but their strategies, tools and channels, who are their customers and how do they engage them?
  3. Know what value to introduce to the industry. This can be achieved by studying the existing products, services and information your competitors offer and think of how to serve the customers better.
  4. Choose your mentors in your industry and follow them on social media to learn what trends.
  5. Know all the resources you need, where you can get them, how much each will cost and compare prices and value to make a good deal.
  6. Brainstorm before picking a choice. Do a simple research and have the insights into all available options and pick items suitable for your business needs.
  7. Make a list of all item you decide to use.
  8. Start purchasing tools and resources one after the other.

Register Your Domain Name

A domain name is the address you want your blog to bear on the internet. This can be a word or more – phrase or name of a person or a place.

how to start a blog and make money
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Properties of a Domain Name (Credit: Moz)

Examples are Google, Starcity, Startablog, Neilpatel and so on.

From an expert point of view, there are important things you need to know before registering a domain name.

When choosing a domain name, consider the following:

Use a niche keyword related name

Know Your Niche: It is strategic to know your niche at this very early stage. This will give you the idea of what type of domain name to use. You can use a term related to your niche like a blog called or

The two examples carry two different niches and keywords.

The first is related to digital marketing strategy while the other is concerns startups. Thus, if your niche is health and wellness related, find a way of naming your domain around the niche or keyword.

Keep domain name simple

Having consideration for your audience at this level is very important as your domain name can have positive or negative impact on user experience. Audience don’t need to suffer before they can pronounce or spell your domain name. So, make it short, simple and sticky.

Once you know your audience, find a term that is relevant to them.

This will serve as your brand, so that your prospective audience can have a clue of what the blog is all about by mere looking at the domain name.

For example, when you hear Google, what comes to your mind is a magnifying lens.

That is why Google as a site means a search engine.Avoid using special characters like punctuation marks and symbols.

Use country TLD

Use or the top level domain (TLD) of your country. TLD in Nigeria is NG, in India is IN and so on. Country TLD helps a lot in goe-targeting your audience.

Register all domain variations

Register all the variation of your domain name such as the .net, .us and .org, .com and redirect them to your primary domain. This will prevent hackers from taking advantage of them.

Find a Domain Registrar

When you are done with the table work above, that is when you can register your domain name. If you make a mistake in your domain name, you can’t revert except you use another name.

So, make sure everything is perfect before meeting your registrar.

As you intend to start a blog and make money in Nigeria, I recommend a local domain registrar which is WEB4AFRICA.

how to start a blog in Nigeria
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Web4africa Product Plans

STARcityNG was registered on Web4Africa and the experience is great.

Why Use Web4Africa

Web4Africa, being a local registrar, offers different domain levels at affordable prices.

how to start a blog and earn money in nigeria
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You can find .ng, .com,, org and so on here as you’re suited.

Host Your Domain Online

There are many available hosting companies on the internet. They all promise the best service but only a few fulfill that promise.

Because your host is the seat of your blog on the internet, you have to ensure you choose a reliable hosting company.

If your host goes down, your blog goes down. This means, your blog will be temporarily offline. As a result of this, you might lose your potential audience.

And that will have a bad implication on your reputation as well.

If you can be reading this post without having any bad user experience, then it won’t do you any harm if you host your domain by the same hosting company I use.

STARcityNg is powered by BlueHost and the experience has been great so far. So, I suggest you use BlueHost for hosting your blog.

But as a starter, you can use SiteGround either, which is cheaper.

Install WordPress

WordPress is the powerhouse of your blog which is responsible for housing all your blog content such as theme, plugins, media, and so on.

It is referred to as content management system (CMS). It serves as the pathway for your content to reach your database.

You can install WordPress on your domain using either a manual installation or automatic installation.

how to start a blog and make money
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WordPress Manual Installation

Most experts believe manual installation will reduce the vulnerability of your database. During manual installation, you can tweak some of your WordPress files and add security salt.

This approach is believed to help you secure your WordPress files and make it hard to hack.

Get a premium WordPress theme

A WordPress theme can help you structure and organize all your blog content. This can give you the chance to brand or customize your theme to fit a desirable look, size or color without coding.

There are both free and paid WordPress themes. But experts believe paid themes will give you a professional experience.

Your decision here depends on your choice…

Free themes can be downloaded from your WordPress dashboard after installation.

But note that free themes might not serve you well as most are not good for commercial purposes. So, if you want to make money from your blog, go for a premium theme.

Click on this link to discover top 10 best responsive WordPress themes you can get at very affordable prices.

If your objective remains learning how to create a blog and make money in Nigeria, then I will recommend using a premium theme for your blog.

Premium themes are potentially great for a business blog.

They come with a lot of cool functions, options and advantages to make you succeed in your digital marketing career.

how to start a blog and make money
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Themeforest WordPress Theme Page

Essential Plugins

Plugins are essential part of your blog as they are designed to make your theme work perfectly on WordPress.

Each works differently or as an alternative to the other. Some function as a speed booster and so on.

But note that the use must be minimal to avoid slowing down your website.

If there is a certain way you want your theme to work and you don’t know how to tweak your theme to achieve that, you can find a plugin that will do that for you.

Most times, the use of plugins can help to avoid coding.

These days, most themes come with recommended plugins. If you check but can’t find what you need, visit your WordPress dashboard and download any plugin you need.


I believe this post will teach you how to start blogging and make money in Nigeria. It addresses all the benefits your blog will add to your business and the strategies to get started…

Master the peice and grow online.

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  1. These are some great tips. Starting a blog is kind of strategic.. Like deciding a niche to blog about, a perfect hosting company, a perfect blogging platform and others. But this post just made it clear… Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I hope one of these days you will bless my audience with a post as a highly resourceful blogger 😉. Thanks for your read.


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